When I Was 14

Tackling issues concerning Nottinghamshire’s young people

“It was brilliant. The feedback from staff and pupils was amazing.”
Teacher, Serlby Park Academy

“A great way of covering sensitive topics.”
Teacher, Kirkby College

“A thought provoking and emotional performance which explored various issues including knife crime. My year group were very engaged with the performance, asking lots of questions and learning about the experiences of others.”
Teacher, Arnold Hill Academy

Commissioned by Nottinghamshire County Council, When I Was 14 toured secondary schools across the county and addressed issues concerning young people using the real stories of Nottinghamshire residents. Accompanied by a bespoke workshop, the programme built resilience, raised awareness and equipped participants with the tools and knowledge to access support.


Creative team

Tom Harding Assinder – Researcher & Writer
Adam Tulloch – Director
Ella Schwarz – Producer


Katie Burchett
Michael Muyunda
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