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The Kind Kids

For ages 5+

In this fun and interactive workshop, Kieran and Katie have not been very kind to their family and friends. As their kindness tanks are running low, they need everyone’s help to understand the importance of being kind and refill their kindness tanks before time runs out. This fun-filled drama workshop encourages kindness and appreciation from a young age.

12th February at 11am – Oak Farm Library
12th February at 2pm – Northwood Hills Library
12th February at 4pm – Manor Farm Library

15th February at 11am – Harlington Library
15th February at 2pm – Botwell Green Library
15th February at 4pm – Charville Library

For more information about our Kind Kids workshops please click here.


Mr and Mrs Polluto

For ages 4+

Welcome to the world of the Polluto family who throw all their rubbish into the garden and never recycle. One day, their rubbish piles so high that they can no longer leave their house. As the rubbish piles higher and higher, will they ever find their way out? Using puppetry and live music, we invite you for a fun and playful adventure that explores the environment and our relationship to it.

Written by Jum Faruq
Directed by Almudena Calvo
Dramaturgy by Rachel Warr
Composed by Arran Glass
Design by Amber Donovan

13th February at 11am – Wanstead Library
13th February at 2pm – Hainault Library

14th February at 12pm – Orchard Community Hall
14th February at 2pm – Fulwell Cross Library

16th February at 11am – Redbridge Central Library
16th February at 2pm – Gants Hill Library

For more information about Mr and Mrs Polluto please click here.