LEANDRO meets Prince Edward

“It is 6 days on and I am still singing the main song ‘Run’.”
Hatty Daze

“A fantastic production!”
Greenwich Children and Young Peoples Services

“It really was fantastic – one of the best, most well thought-out, and immersive events we have hosted since opening!”
The Greenwich Centre Library

“We really enjoyed Leandro, thank you very much for coming and performing!”
Barbican Children’s Library

Welcome to the life of Leandro, an eight-year-old boy who has lived his whole life in a Rio favela. This year the Olympics are coming to his famous city and Leandro dreams of running for Brazil but with no athletics club for him to join will he ever make his dream a reality?

Embark on this fun-filled adventure through the eyes of Leandro, exploring the different sides of Rio, its sounds and colours, the famous landmarks and the people he meets on his journey. Using an inspired mix of puppetry, poetry and Brazilian music, we invite you for a run around Rio to help Leandro fulfil his dream.

Creative team: Tom Harding Assinder (Writer/Director),  Jan Zalud (Puppet Design), Almudena Calvo (Puppetry Direction), Sharon Henry (Movement Direction), Ollie Tunmer (Percussion Direction)

Cast: Anna Rowland (Leandro), Isambard Rawbone (Junior/Various), Dominic Attenborough (Dad/Various)

Performance history:
Redbridge Drama Centre – 23rd June 2016
International Youth Arts Festival – 9th and 10th July 2016
The Library at Willesden Green – 16th July and 3rd August 2016
New Eltham Library – 28th July 2016
Eltham Centre Library 28th July 2016
Crossrail Place Roof Garden – 30th July 2016
Slade Centre Library – 2nd August 2016
Woolwich Centre Library – 2nd August 2016
Romford Library – 11th August 2016
Blackheath Library – 12th August 2016
Greenwich Centre Library – 12th August 2016
Stratford Library – 13th August
Barbican Children’s Library – 16th August

In partnership with:

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 19.22.04

We are proud to have raised funds for Action for Brazil’s Children (ABC) Trust with this production. You can find out more about their work here.
ABC Logo

Photograph by Erica Dezonne


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